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Free Air Wisconsin Airlines Flight Attendant Interview Information and Gouge

Interview experience:

Attended an open house in PHL - there were 3 representatives of the company and about 15 attendees. After hearing an overview of the company, including history, then salaries and benefits we were given a simple math quiz. Then, we had to stand and speak for 60 seconds telling a little about ourselves. There were a few in their 20's, a couple of 30's and 40 year olds in the group. We were asked to take a break as they discussed the group and narrowed it down to 6. (bring a resume!) Then we filled out AWA's application form, were interviewed one on one, very nice and relaxed feel on the individual interviews and were fingerprinted. We were told we would hear in apprx 1-3 weeks. The company presents itself very well, you have to be interested in any of their domiciles, travel benefits are good, $25 per day during 5 week training in ORF. Overall about a 4 hour experience, dress professional!

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