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Interview experience:

We arrived at the Open House at 8:30a. We were given an overview about the company. This position is for the new AirTran JetConnect Service in Atlanta. Gave us information about training which is 6 weeks in Denver. Informed us about Domiciles. Gave us a short break and once we return we had a test. A basic math test and a review of information that covered earlier about the company. WE then stood up and said our name, our most memorable customer service experience and why we should be hired as a f/a with AWAC. You had 60 seconds to say all of this. After everyone gave their introduction, the Hr Mgr and recruiter read names off their sheet they wanted to give the one and only interview. During the interview process, we were asked 10 questions. Very easy and laid back interview.

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Air Wisconsin Airlines Study Guide Questions:

1. Did you bring your resume?

2. Why should we hire you?

3. How did you hear about Air Wisconsin?

4. Why do you want to be a Flight Attendant?
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5. Do you have any customer service experience?

6. What was your most memorable customer service experience?

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