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Interview experience:

I mailed an application in March and didn't hear anything untill June when they flew me to dallas to interview. The interview started with a group, talking about the company, Reserve, bases Etc. then we went to small group interviews, then they had us read a PA, alone with just the interviewer, then I wnet to and individual interview, at the end of the interview I was told I was hired and I took a bus to AA's clinic for the drug test, and physical. I flew home after the physical. A few weeks later I got the training date in the mail along with a welcom video, and a book of stuff to begin learning....Airport codes, military time, "pickel Diagrams" of the 7 aircraft etc. I Flew to training on 15 July. When I got to the hotel AA had a welcome packet for me with info on when to catch the bus in the morning.....the rest is training. Hope that helps. I was furolughed after Sept 11. I was in the last class they trained, they havent trained since, I don't know when they will begin again, probbly not for years though. Kristy

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