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Interview experience:

I mailed an application in March and didn't hear anything untill June when they flew me to dallas to interview. The interview started with a group, talking about the company, Reserve, bases Etc. then we went to small group interviews, then they had us read a PA, alone with just the interviewer, then I wnet to and individual interview, at the end of the interview I was told I was hired and I took a bus to AA's clinic for the drug test, and physical. I flew home after the physical. A few weeks later I got the training date in the mail along with a welcom video, and a book of stuff to begin learning....Airport codes, military time, "pickel Diagrams" of the 7 aircraft etc. I Flew to training on 15 July. When I got to the hotel AA had a welcome packet for me with info on when to catch the bus in the morning.....the rest is training. Hope that helps. I was furolughed after Sept 11. I was in the last class they trained, they havent trained since, I don't know when they will begin again, probbly not for years though. Kristy

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American Airlines Study Guide Questions:

1. If you we're flying from TX to Tokyo who would you choose to sit next to and why.
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2. Tell me about yourself.

3. How do you persuade people to embrace change?

4. Name one thing you remember about one group member's responses.

5. Why do you want to become a Flight Attendant with AA?

6. Tell us about a time you had a memorable team activity.

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