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Interview experience:

After applying online you will get a phone call from someone at US Airways. They will talk to you about the position you applied for and see if you qualify for the job or not. The will ask you if you would be willing to relocate to one of their bases. I interviewed in Arizona. Their headquarters is outside of Phoenix. I am so close already I wouldn’t have to even relocate. If you answer all of the questions like they want you to you will move on to the face to face interview and they will schedule it at that time. Mine was scheduled about 2 weeks later. I made sure I dressed very professionally for the interview as I heard they are picky on how you look. Just make sure you look pulled together and professional. You will have a jump seat test and reach test…. Follow the instructions very carefully they are always watching you! After that you get to do the whole introductions portion and let everyone know where you are from and your background. Speak clearly and confidently because they watch you very closely! Everyone gets split into groups and gets a few exercises to do. Each group will either get a job offer or be cut thankfully me and 4 others from my group all got the job!! The process took a whole day so bring snacks and be prepared to be waiting around for a long time but it is well worth it if you get the job.

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