How to Dress for a Flight Attendant Interview


Do you have the right appearance? Most airlines are conservative when it comes to picking their flight attendant candidates. Although the days of super glam are gone, grooming is still an important aspect of getting hired as a flight attendant. Here are a few basic guidelines to help you with your upcoming interview:

  • Dress the part. Choose a navy, black or grey fitted suit. Female hemlines should not be shorter than a half inch above the knee.
  • Shoes should be black. Females should wear a closed toe conservative pump. If the shoes are not new make sure they are polished and in good condition.
  • Females should wear nude hosiery.
  • If you are carrying a purse or briefcase it should also be neutral and solid in color.
  • Tattoos and piercings should be hidden except for female ear piercings. Females that do have ear piercings make sure that your earrings do not dangle and are no larger than a quarter in diameter.
  • Do not wear fragrance. You do not want to distract from your interview.
  • Female hair longer than shoulder length should be restrained in a neat manner.
  • Make up should be worn by females, also conservative.
  • Most importantly, wear your smile.

What advice do you have for someone preparing for an upcoming interview? Did you follow these guidelines? Tell us your story in the comments below.


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