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Excellent experience!
You arrive in CLT or PHX and are brought to the training center.  You will be interviewed with just one other applicant in your FULL uniform from your current job (if you are employed).  In the waiting area at the training center, a line pilot will come get you both and start a tour.  It's very important to know that YOUR INTERVIEW STARTS THEN!  He is part of the hiring panel.
After your tour, you are brought to a room where he will review your licenses, log books, etc..  You and the other pilot will then each go to a separate part of the interview.  One section is the Technical and the other is HR. 
The Technical is very straight forward and close to what the questions are on this gauge.  They switch up what airport you are briefing each interview, so its hard to say where the questions are coming from, but at this point you should be fine with Jepps.  If you studied this website, you should have no issues, even with some of the curve balls that send at you.  The pilots who interviewed me made me feel relaxed and were very nice. 
HR seemed to be the more stressful part of the interview, which I believe is there intention.  They start by helping you feel comfortable with the two interviewers, then jump right into questions.  They asked me the history of US Airways, which I felt I gave a fairly in depth response and they asked what else I knew until I had to say I couldn't think of anything else.  They then asked me many questions about my career or flying experiences that focused a lot on negative or stressful times.  I think the idea is see how you react to these situations, so have stories ready!  They will not let you revert back to a story you already mentioned!  The questions listed on this site are very close to what will be asked.

After you  are through, everyone will come and thank you and say good-bye.  Overall, I thought it was a terrific interview compared to most I've experienced.  Be yourself and be prepared.  I honestly believe that your personality means as much in the interview as your answers.  Good Luck!  
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1. Do you like where you work now?
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2. Tell me about your most memorable passenger.
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3. What skills can you bring to USA?

4. What do you like about your current job?

5. What do you dislike about your current job?

6. What would your F/O's say about you?

7. What company regulation do you dislike?

8. What would you do if you didn't fly?

9. How would you rate your flying skills?

10. Have you contributed anything at your current flying job other than flying the line?

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Be prepared to blow away the competition and make a great impression at your next interview!