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The interview date, my education and my age are not correct, because that information would identify me, and I would like to be able to reapply at Southwest Airlines if given the opportunity. The People Department, and all the employees I met prior to the interview were very friendly, helpful and encouraging. The purpose of this report is to help future applicants prepare for the interview, which was conducted in two parts. The first concern is not to be late, because applicants are given arrival slots just like arriving flights, and if you are late, it would be a bad start. I was two minutes early, and after signing in, I was met by the Chief Dispatcher (I had the impression that he was in a hurry and going through the motions to remain on a tight interview schedule) and taken to a room where a knowledge test was waiting on the table. You have one hour to complete the test, which is what I would consider a "power test", meaning that many people will not complete it, and how far you got is part of the overall score. The ... Continue Reading this Interview Experience