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Interview experience

After I sent my resume I waited about a week or so. I didn't hear anything so I used my resources to obtain the dispatch office phone number. I called and talked to the manager of dispatch and tried to ask as many questions as I could. He asked me to come for an interview the following day. I flew up using my flight benefits from my current job and arrived around 9am. I met with Larry, the manager, and basically just talked about different scenarios, weather and the computer programs they use. (They use Bornemann stuff.) He talked about the benefits a little, and then asked me if I would be willing to take a drug test. Off I went for that and of course, I couldn't produce. So I went back to his office where I proceeded to drink as much water as I could while filling out some paperwork. Finally, I was ready and this time proved to be a success. Upon my return, he said he was pretty much finished, would I want to sit in the office with a dispatcher? So I sat there until it was time to catch my flight home. The total process took about 6 hours. He is not an easy man to interview with, I left with the feeling of complete failure and no hope what-so-ever of being offered this position. (Poker face.) I called him about a week after my interview to check in and he said he had some other people he was looking at and that he was waiting for the background checks to come through. He gave me the phone number to one of the girls in HR so if I had any questions about benefits that he couldn't answer, I could ask her. I talked to her, she said if I were offered the position, she would be the one to call and offer it to me, gave me more information and that was pretty much it. One day later, she called and offered the position. They are very friendly and very willing to help and answer any questions. My advice, if you want this job, you have to be the "skeaky wheel" so to speak. Keep checking back and just be patient. Good luck!

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Air Wisconsin Airlines Study Guide Questions:

1. Would you be willing to take a drug test?

Yes it's a requirement for most jobs these days.