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Interview experience

I got a call from H.R. about a week after I faxed my resume. It was a phone screening interview, and I did not hear anything else from AirTran for almost 2 weeks, then an interview in Orlando was set up the following week. Very relaxed and short interview with both H.R. and the manager of dispatch. No dispatch related questions at all were asked. Very nice people. Pay is lousy but they will be getting a new contract next year. One week later I got the job offer via telephone and they said they will be overnighting a formal job offer to me, and then I was to call them with my answer. Four days went by and no letter ! I also could not get a hold of H.R ! (left voicemails and sent e-notes). Finally H.R. called me and by then it was only a week and a half to the training date, and I had not given a notice to my present employer. Also, I had a few more questions that I never got answers to, so I turned down the offer. At least Airtran is making money and growing, but as I have encountered with past jobs, if its screwed up and disorganized now it will always be that way.

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AirTran Airways Study Guide Questions:

1. In front of what kind of front do squall lines form?
2. How many F/A's are required with 95 paxs and 149 seats?
3. What is the difference between Airmass and Steady State TS?
4. What clouds cause strong turbulence?
5. What clouds are reported in a TAF?
6. What is a FDC Notam?
7. Are you willing to fly to MCO for an interview tomorrow?
8. If you declare an emergency who reports to FAA?
9. What is frost?
10. How many hours can a dispatcher be scheduled?

10 hours

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