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Interview experience

They were hiring 1 dispatcher for 6/7/2004 class. All interviewees are required to pay there own expenses, you will also need a rental car to get to their offices in the Northwest part of Vegas near Summerlin. I Met with Mr. Casey Hanranhan, the SOC manager, very nice guy, easy going and friendly. Questions were based on your resume data,with the usual whys and did you do, type questions. Everyone there seems excited to be there at a growing airline. Its a small company with 7 MD80 series aircraft, see web site,are privately owned by some good aviation guys and management has a sound track record of successes, they grow slowly which is a good thing. This company fly's scheduled service to secondary cities to bring gamblers to Las Vegas, Reno and Laughlin under a Harrah's Casino contract, see there web site for route info, they do allot of Sports charters,and fly Apple Vacations.... Starting pay is $32k, then up by $2k each year for 4 years.Work a Standard 4x 10 work week, Good benefits, lots of pass privileges for employee and soon family will be getting flight passes. Office phone 702-851-7300. Be prepared for the hugh cost in living the area has seen in the last 2 years, Vegas in no longer a cheap area to buy a home in, however they say people are making alot of money on the homes after only a year or two. Roommates are easy to find for around $475 a month any where in the area Good luck, I would have loved to work for them, however I was edged out by someone with more experience, maybe next time!

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Allegiant Air Study Guide Questions:

1. What is the difference between a MDA and a MDH?
2. What is an MSA (On top of the Jepp Plates)
3. Tell what the Final approach fix is from a PIT plate and a Plattsburgh NY plate.
4. What is a drift down?
5. Why do you want to work at Allegiant?
6. Why should we hire you?
7. How do you handle stress?