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Interview experience

The initial interview was over the phone, qestions about FAR's, some weather and a little bit about what previous experience I had. They will make tickets available to you on either Atlantic Coast or United if you need to fly out for the interview. I worked for an airline at the time so I used my own flight benefits to get to Washington Dulles and they picked up the hotel costs. My interveiw started at 10am and I sat down with the Dispatch manager and the manager of Operational Command and Control. Very laid back and easy to talk to. The questions they ask give them an idea of how you handle stress and if you work well with other people. Everyone was very nice and very helpful and I was offered the job just a few hours after my interview. Be yourself and answer your questions honestly and you will do great! They have 3 types of aircraft, the CRJ's, Jetstream 41 and the Jetstream 32 (which are almost completely phased out) and the Delta connection flys the Dornier 328 Jets. You will be trained on all aircraft and expected to be able to work a desk in about 6 weeks. They have (roughly) 27 dispatchers, 10 team leaders, 4 operation managers and 2 excellent trainers. There are 3, possibly 4 RJ desks, 2 41 desks, 1 desk for the 32's and 2 desks for the DO Jets. All desks have dual monitors. (Nice!!)They are now starting a charter operation that might be worth looking into. The dispatch office is located in the new headquarters building about a mile off the airport.

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Atlantic Coast Airlines Study Guide Questions:

1. What are your hobbies?
2. Why do you want to work for Atlantic Coast Airlines?
3. What kind of company do you like to work for?
4. How do you handle stress?
5. Do you work well with other people?