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Interview experience

My interview was held on 2/12/2003. I believe they were not hiring publically. I had the director of my dispatch school work some miracles. He sent my resume with his recommendation and I received the call. The interview was held with director of training, and a couple of company dispatchers. There were no technical questions.. When I first walked in one of the guys ask me out of the blue "So when do you need the SECOND takeoff alternate? (Answer: You never need it) just to mess with me. I told them "That's joke right?" They laughed and said a very few applicants get this one right because they are nervous when they walk in. The rest of the interview was just general chit chat and little personality and HR questions. Very laid back people and easy to talk to. Be sure to have all of the application information ready because they made me fill a 10 page background information in about 15 minutes. I was on tremendous time pressure to fill everything in and to make sure I get everything right. There was a high tech FBI finger printing device and I was also sent to do a drug test which was pretty standard. Very nice facility by the way. I cannot think of any other places better than what ASA has. You get to work with the view of the airport and planes taking off and land, from the windows of the third floor of the ASA corporate building.

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Atlantic Southeast Airlines Study Guide Questions:

1. What has been your previous work experience?
2. What previous software have you used?
3. What was the size of your previous work force?
4. Tell us about your aviation background.
5. When do you need the SECOND takeoff alternate?
6. If X amount of people are 190 pounds, how many people are inboard if the total is 11,000+ pounds?
7. What is consisted in Min Fuel on the release?
8. What are required items on a release? Fuel, etc...
9. Name the 3 fronts listed on map given.
10. What kind of pressure system is shown?

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