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Interview experience

CO (mainline) flies B777, B767, B757 and B737. The interview was in several parts. There was a 2 page written exam, formal interview, informal talking to Manager, Cheif Dispatcher and a dispatcher. The written exam consisted of some weather questions and then some operational decisions (rank the order of importance if these scenarios came at you all at once) and then questions about what would you advise the next dispatcher in your turn over, what are required on a release, etc. The formal interview is very HR oriented. Tell me about a time when you ... Informal meeting with the Mgr of Dispatch. Tell me about yourself kind of thing. Sitting with the Chief Dispatcher on duty and informal conversation to get your questions answered about the company and operation, then the same sitting with a working dispatcher. They do not pay for your move but will pay for a hotel for 2 weeks if hired. A negative is that the interview is downtown. You therefore have to pay out of your pocket for a rental car to get from the airport to downtown for the interview. ($40 after all the taxes fees) Pay is reduced during 6-8 weeks of training. But you start as a full dispatcher (not assistant or clerk) It was very relaxed and everyone was very friendly. I was made an offer about 2 weeks later and had to fly out again for the drug test. Class starts on 3/1/05

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Continental Airlines Study Guide Questions:

1. What clouds are reported in a TAF?
2. What is a FDC Notam?
3. What is Metar?
4. What are the considerations when dispatching an airplane with an anti-skid inop?
5. What is ETOPS?
6. How do you maximize payload?
7. Tell me when you could have done a better job?
8. Tell me when you did something good.
9. Talk about your work experiences.
10. What would you advise the next dispatcher in your turn over, what are required on a release, etc.

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