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You must have experience on SABRE, EAGLE, etc /// also must have experience for the aircraft they used, like ATR, jet, etc before even try to apply .... :( otherwise is just wasting time .... .... u know what i mean ? the reason is that they do not want to spend time to train new peoples :( :( especially they do not have dispatcher instructor in house like most commuter airlies, for example like Northwest Airlink in Memphis, they do not have dispatcher instructor in house as well,,, :( so situation like that will handover to the Manager to train the new dispatchers, too bad in reality most manager do not like to take this extra job in his title, so you can imagine, even they provided the training, but it doesn't mean the training is adequate, for example u won't get 40 hrs, u may only have 20hrs max .... then they will signed u off & u r on your own & do the job, can't u believed that ? ? ? OR some airlines will handover the training job to the most senior dispatcher or Supervisor to handle the training ... well, different company would have different method to handle the situation, like Air-midwest( owned by U.S airways) over Wichita, KS ... dispatch Supervisor will handle the training, interesting thing is you can be a supervisor within 2-3 yrs in commuter airlines if u decided to stayed with them , coz most people will leave the commuter airlines after 2 yrs experience, & apply a job over major airline, anyways ... this is just my experience i would like to share with all brand new dispatcher outhere .... hope you guys get get a job soon !! good luck !! !! I am currenty woking for private company as a flight planning specialist.

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Continental Express Study Guide Questions:

1. What I liked about my job with the airline?
2. What I didn't like about my job with the airline?
3. What items are required on a release?
4. What is required for a thunderstorm to exist?

Moisture, Unstable Air, Lifting Force
5. What is the range of a low VOR?
1,000' to 18,000' - 40NM
6. Where can you look up the range of a low VOR?
In the AIM
7. What are the duty time limitations of a dispatcher?
No Part 121 Dispatcher may be scheduled for more than a 10 hour duty period. If they are to be scheduled for more than 10 hours in a 24 hour period they must receive 8 hours of rest during or at the end of the 10 hour duty day.
8. What are standard take off mins?
2 Engines or Less - 1SM or 5000RVR More Than 2 Engines - 1/2SM 2400RVR
9. What are Fuel requirements?
Fly to destination, alternate (if required) then for an additional 45 minutes at normal cruise.
10. Prioritize the following and be prepared to give an explanation of why you chose the order you did - Aircraft holding with an EFC time - Aircraft after takeoff assigned a reroute - It's go time and CA wants a new fuel load - 20 min prior to departure and wants new fuel

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