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Interview experience

FIRST OF ALL THIS COMPANY NAME HAS CHANGED FROM THIS ONE. THEY ARE NOW PINNACLE AIRLINES DBA AS NORHTWEST AIRLINK. I was contacted by email by several dispatchers and then by corporate recruitment Matt Sanfillipo. I was flown up on mainline Northwest to MEM positive space, very nice treatment. Once there I was asked to fill out the application and 10 year background information, have this ready. Once done I was interviewed by Justin the SoCC manager, tall ice young guy with a lot of new responsibility. The flight control had recently lost 5 dispatchers to COEX and alot of clashes between the remaining dispatchers was occuring. Also the dispachers were starting to look at the TMU union so the company gave them a 12% increase which brings them just barely to regional standards. starting pay is between $11.48 to $17.48 if you have a million years of experience and walk on water. I asked for mid range pay as I have 3 years of experience, however ALL the questions in the interview were about me personally and how I would get along or do this ot that. Not a single dispach question. I was very surprised, and new they were looking for new fresh dispatcher they could train in there ways without other baggage from other companies. I felt my age had a lot to do with not getting hired due to the relatively young age of the dispathers and to the clashes with what I believe was the older dispatchers on staff.Also My asking wage was just more than they want to pay. It seemed like a nice company to work for, nice people, and an all CRJ fleet. If your new to the license, and young I would go for it. Good luck.

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Endeavor Air Study Guide Questions:

1. Do you have any questions about the company?
2. What is an airmass thunderstorm?
3. What is the 1,2,3 rule?
4. What are the three stages of a thunderstorm?

Developing, Mature, Dissipating
5. If the glide path is out can you still land there?
yes, it changes to a non-precision approach
6. What would you expect from a cold front?
7. What are the effects of icing?
8. Explain when do you need a take-off & destination alternate.
9. Why do you want to be a dispatcher?
10. Can you handle dealing with other people within a work group?

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