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Interview experience

Actual interview date was 1/16/2004. This was a fairly standardized interview. There were 8 of us interviewing that day. We were all brought in to interview at the same time. An employment application is sent to you prior to the interview. You need to have that filled out plus have copies of IDs (Driver's License, SSN, Dispatch License) made beforehand. You fill out one quick form before the interviewing begins. The first part of the interview is a short 25 question quiz over basic dispatch knowledge(121 rules, weather, etc.). The exam is graded by HR before you are even recommended to interview with the dispatch manager. There is a short interview with HR which basically involves making sure they have all your paperwork. The interview with the dipatch manager is basically a background interview so they can get to know more about you and to answer any questions you might have about American Eagle. It didn't last very long since they were interviewing 8 people that day. As long as you can prove yourself on their dispatch quiz, you are basically in. I received a conditional offer of employment pending medical and background checks are o.k. The only thing is that the next hiring class will be only 3 to 4 dispatchers.

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Envoy Air Study Guide Questions:

1. Tell us about your previous jobs.
2. What is the 1, 2, 3, rule?

one hour before or after arival of flight, 2000ft ceiling, and 3 miles of visibility
1 hr after/before 2000 feet ceiling 3 sm visibility
3. What is a Metar?
A hourly weather observation at a particular airport
Hourly current weather for that airport.
4. What is a Low VOR range?
5. What is a MOCO?
Minimum Obstical Clearance altitude
6. What does it take for a thunderstorm to develop?
Wind, moisture, and unstable air
7. Why should I hire you?
8. Do you have any questions for us?