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Interview experience

Horizon was the first airline I applied for and the last to hear back from. It is a fairly straight forward 2 part interview. Upon arrival to Horizon's Flight Operations Center, be prepared to document a thorough 10 year employment and residential history. Upon completion, the first interview is with the HR representative. Questions are fairly typical and are not necessarily designed to test one's job knowledge. I then was given a knowledge test (3 pages). The test covers basic IFR flight planning, FARs, weather, as well as extracting information from several charts (Jeppesen). After the test was evaluated, I then had a second interview with the Senior Flight Control Manager. This interview was informal, and is more job related than the first. Again, there was not anything technical in this second interview. Candidates interviewing for job openings are gennerally not allowed a tour of the dispatch office. Follow-up letters are especially important. Initial training consisted of 1 week of Basic Indoctrination with new hire pilots followed by 3-4 weeks of aircraft systems and computer lab scenarios. IOE consists of 2-4 weeks of working under a check/training dispatcher after which you will be signed off. Be prepared to work coverage and/or graveyard +1 year. Turnover is extremely slow.

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