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Interview experience

I was called only an hour after faxing my resume because I was a Sheffield graduate. I think they hire people from other schools but give preference to sheffield grads. They overnighted some tickets on USAir and the next day I had my interview. I met with Bob Trout the recruiter and he told me about the company and about the financial state of USAir. Average benefits, starting pay was $11.50ish, dispatchers must join a union. Then I met with two other guys...don't remember who they were but they repeated everything Bob Trout told me so it seemed like a waste. There were no dispatch questions asked. I convinced them to pay for a hotel for the night for me since my interview ran late. I was never given a tour of the dispatch area but would have liked to have seen it. They were very accomodating and friendly but I accepted an offer with another airline instead.

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Piedmont Airlines Study Guide Questions:

1. Why did you choose dispatching?
2. What does the definition of dispatching mean to you?