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Interview experience

Very Nice Group of people from start to finish of process. Ms. Roark in HR is very helpful, supportive and friendly with your questions. She sent SB USair tickets for the interview in INDY, arrived an hour before interview, Office is currently on 4th floor of airport admin building right inside terminal. >>>>I meet with her first to answer a few questions about the company, fill out an application and took a crazy little test of 50 questions asking all kinds of off the wall profile typing questions, include standard math as well, you have 12 minutes to complete this, but no big deal if you done finish all the Q's or do them in order. Once this was done she introduced me to Both SOC managers for Chautauqua (Scott) the other for Republic airlines (Jake). Both guys very nice, casual and made you feel at home and welcomed, They gave a rundown of the airline operation, they have over 100 ERJ's! and more to come.>>>> This interview was for BOTH airlines, however the current CHQ guys would probably get first wack at the Republic openings. They were interested in my experience in all my jobs, tell me about yourself type Q'S, I dont recall any tech type q's asked. They are looking for some one with good organizational skills and will fit in with current work force.>>>> Shop is the TWU540, contract is on the web, starting pay is $12.19 for first 6 mos during probation, dues are 1.5% base pay.>>>> They use standard Bornemann Flight planning software, run, I believe it was 9 desks broken down by airline connection they serve, which is AA, DAL, US and UAL.>>>>> YOu have flight bennies in US first day, after 30 you add DAL after 6 months you add the others, UAL maybe less than 6 months. Cockpit J/S on CHQ and DAL, very nice!...Bennies are pretty good, the cost of living in the area is very reasonable, roomates can be found in the $450 a month range for everything!>>>>>They were hiring just 1 dispatcher at this time. >>>>>I was offered the position within 2 hours of leaving the interview,accepted the offer on the spot without thinking it over. The next day I recinded my acceptance of the offer "due strickly" to my own High Personal expences at home and for INDY at the time.>>>> I was quite torn over the decesion as this is a great bunch of folks to work with, this airline will be going places big in the future.>>>> I will not disclose what was said about Republic side of the business with me, as this may have been sensitive information, I'm sure they will tell future applicants more when they come in for interviews. I wish them well and good luck to those that apply, this is a class act, and I highly recommend them.....

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Republic Airline Study Guide Questions:

1. What is the 1,2,3 rule?
2. Tell me about yourself.
3. Given these weather conditions, do you need an alternate (takeoff and destination).