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Interview experience

Ryan is situated on the east side of Rockford in an office complex so it can be a bit difficult to find.  After a quick phone call with some initial HR questions I was invited to an interview.  I was greeted by the HR manager and presented with an application to fill out.  Though I had filled one out online, they wanted me to fill one out there, so be sure to bring all of your contact information with you.  After this, I was brought in for a 1 on 1 interview with the HR manager.  There were some general HR questions and some specific questions about things on your resume and/or application, then the discussion moved towards benefits and a question and answer session.  I was then escorted to the Operations Center which is on a different floor of the same building, where I met the Dispatch Manager and was presented with a two page written test.  Nothing horribly challenging about the test, just typical weather questions, a few what ifs, and a couple of "bonus" questions about EROPS/ETOPS and long range navigation which I was informed weren't weighted against you if you got them wrong, though apparently they do help if you get them right, which I did.  I then sat down with the Manager of Dispatch where a very informal interview ensued discussing my history and background, what kind of work the company does (DOD, Federal Marshall and ICE stuff, Ad hoc charters).  I met very briefly with the current Director of Operations but he was very busy and we only chatted for a few minutes.  Since I live locally, I can't comment on how Ryan gets its out of town interviewees to Rockford.

I was contacted by the HR Manager about a week later and offered a position. 

It's worth noting that, with the exception of the HR Manager, all the other people you'd interview with have changed, though the nature of the interview is generally the same.  Ryan is a very relaxed group of employees and they don't seem to have a "gotcha" attitude in their interviews.  Since a lot of the work Ryan does is somewhat unconventional, the emphesis is on dispatchers who are adaptable, thorough and have a good attitude.

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