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Interview experience

I originally applied as a dispatcher and was called a week later to see if interested in SOC manager position. I interviewed 2 times with them, the first noted above the second was on November 11,12 2003. As a management candidate I was give positive space ticket and placed in first class on USAIR to PIT on both trips..The flight to FWA is done on company acft, the SAAB 340A. The flying turns out to be the best part of my experiences with Shuttle America. Met with the Director Of Ops, real nice guy. The company future was explained to me in detail. As a turbo prop carrier, the airline was bankrupt last year (2002) and purchased by Wexford capital. They also Own Chautauqua airlines that had a problem with their leases on the SAABS. Instead of turning in the leases early at Chautauqua, Wexford bought Shuttle America and placed the Saabs with them until the leases expire over the next 30 months. Met with the current SOC manager/Pilot, he is returning to the line in January, my guess and moving on to greener pastures..very knowledegable, but burn't out with management there. The chief pilot, I don't know, much, but he does not like to fly and this bothers some members of management, he is very young... READ CAREFULLY HERE: Wexford has no plans to give Shuttle any more aircraft, none nada, no jets, nothing, as they are return the Saabs to the desert, the route structure of Shuttle will shrink to the point when USAIR will no longer be able to use them. They are paid on a per/Pax method, not per flight, this is a big difference and they are not doing well. Wexford has already planned to sell off the assets of the company when the leases are up, or USAIR can no longer be supported, either way they are done and everyone there knows it. The morale at the Hangar in FWA is terrible, allot of in-fighting, people leaving, and major management differences in opinion. They continue to advertise openings...The pilots are all timing out each month, the F/A's as well, not much time off...Dispatchers are paid $12.50 to start working MAX hours to cover shifts. Everyone took a pay cut earlier this year to keep airline running, Some of this has been returned, the pilots threatened to strike and Wexford came in and was going to close the doors that Friday..the Pilots took the wage cut and that’s it.. Management Pay is frozen UFN...want to pay an external manager $45k an internal applicant $35K for SOC… Overall, some nice people there just riding it out as the last wave comes in, many are going on to better things as fast as they can, this is NOT A PLACE TO GO IF YOU DON'T WANT TO START OVER AGAIN IN 2 TO 3 YEARS......... As a manager applicant, I was trying to figure out for 3 weeks what I could do to motivate these people, but what can be done with such a gloomy future...Only self pride is keeping the operation going now, it is barely making any money, if at all. The worse part of this whole thing for me personally is that I turned away interview opportunities with "REAL AIRLINES" as I somehow thought I might be able to make a difference at Shuttle. In the end, I was sent the "Dear John" letter before the DO knew about it. When I called him to see what happened, the qualifications suddenly changed and now I was not knowledgeable enough to do the job, they had brought me back for a second interview for! Go figure....Just another game people play with others lives. This is not sour grapes on my part, just an honest opinion of my experiences and the FACTS of the operation. Go somewhere else for an aviation job, this is not the place to be…thats just my opinion, but the finacial facts are very publc, just ask around.. Good luck

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