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Interview experience

Drove to their temporary headquarters just west of the city and first met Jean who was working the front desk. She took the requested paperwork from me and also some extra resumes and letters of reference I brought. She then showed me around a little bit and gave me a little brief about the company. I then met with Floyd who is the “Manager of People.” Very nice guy who asked me some questions about my past, and some of my future goals. He then ran through a few typical HR questions….you know the kind. “Tell me about a time…..” I then met with April Shereda and Brian Smith. Brian is the director of the OCC. They asked me about an hours worth of those “tell me about a time” type questions. I did pretty well I thought on this portion, although I did get hung up on some of the questions. They are always difficult to answer if you really haven’t experienced some of the scenarios they are asking about, or if you’ve just plain forgotten about them. I was then shown a diagram of how the OCC was going to look, and they talked to me a little bit about schedules and the software they were planning on using. Headquarters is going to be moving to CMH airport. I was then given a short 2 page test. It had some questions about MELs and High Mins Capts….I couldn’t remember about high min capts. so I answered the best I could. I was also asked to decode 3 different METARs. It also had a series of basic math problems consisting of long addition, subtraction, and division. I only got hung up on the last long division problem since I haven’t done these by hand since I was in high school! How quickly we forget basic skills! I was then told they would be getting back to me and that it could take up to a couple of weeks. They were planning on starting dispatch training the first portion of Feb. Flying service is scheduled to start around May. They were planning on hiring only 5 dispatchers to start, and 3 had already been hired at the time I interviewed. I still haven’t heard anything as of this writing, so I don’t know what the status is. If I don’t get hired, I wish them luck with their startup and maybe they’ll reconsider me for the future. They are a great group of people who really believe in what they’re doing.

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SkyBus Airlines Study Guide Questions:

1. What are your future goals?
2. Can you decode a Metar?