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Interview experience

I was really impressed by how they treated candidates including myself. Getting on the flight from PHX was no problem, they foot the bill for the hotel and they even offered to pay for the move if selected. The selection progress began with 20 multiple choice written test. You must score 80 or they will send you home immediately. All of 7 candidates that was there that day including myself passed. Some questions directly came from the ADX, some were weather theory, and some regs. It may have been difficult for those who just got their dispatcher license with no prior aviation experience. Interview was conducted (30-40 min) by HR person and the director of flight control. It was 80% HR and 20% technical questions. Throughout the day, I got the impression of them heavily looking for prior p121 experience. Overrall, they were relaxed, nice and humorous. They start at $22,000, however, the airline is currently on pay freeze. They offer tuision assistance too, I thought that was kinda nice. The competition for this entry-level dispatcher position was rediculous. It was November, 2002, they told me they went through 200+ applications for 5 openings. Geez.

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