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Interview experience

the interview was in three parts 1st 4 people asking you question about different situations and how you handle them 2nd the training mgr ask to read notams and weather metars and tafs and winds alot forecast chart and surface weather prog chart 3rd bring 5 yr work history for the back ground check 4th a 36 quetion test on cat 1 2 3 high mins question ils approaches rnav and rvsm and jeppesen charts question moca mea moa what they are types of vor

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US Airways Study Guide Questions:

1. What is Moca?

The minimum obstruction clearance altitude (MOCA) is the lowest published altitude in effect between fixes on VOR airways, off-airway routes, or route segments that meets obstacle clearance requirements for the entire route segment. This altitude also assures acceptable navigational signal coverage only within 22 NM of a VOR.
2. What is Mea?
The minimum enroute altitude (MEA) is the lowest published altitude between radio fixes that assures acceptable navigational signal coverage and meets obstacle clearance requirements between those fixes.
3. What is Moa?
MOAs consist of airspace of defined vertical and lateral limits established for the purpose of separating certain military training activities from IFR traffic. Whenever a MOA is being used, nonparticipating IFR traffic may be cleared through a MOA if IFR separation can be provided by ATC. Otherwise, ATC will reroute or restrict nonparticipating IFR traffic.