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Interview experience

Will be flown up on company aircraft if you can get to one of their cities, otherwise its on you to get to interview. They will pay for cab ride from airport to offices about 20 minute ride... I was to meet the HR guy and manage of dispatch, however on my day they were unavailable, and I was interviewed by the chief pilot..this was a new experience for both of us. I had completed the application when I arrived before being called back. We went over my resume he asked me a few questions in general about my style of dispatching, what was important to me and seemed to be sizing me up..the interview went real well, he told about the company and the future plans and told me it looked like I would fit in nicely. The asst. dispatcher are really just in training untol they feel you are ready to be turned loose, the starting pay is good at about $45,000 a year, but the area is expensive with a capital 'E" so its not as good as it looks...the benefits were decent and the flight benies were pretty good. I was called 4 day later by the HR guy, he was real nice, and pretty much runs HR with a few assistants so he is busy but applogised for missing the interview, he said I did real well and wanted to bring me back up to meet the COO which has the final say to who is hired...before that day was out, things changed and I was told another person had been selected for th job and I would be kept on file for the future...I was very disapointed of course, but I still hold out hope for the next class when they expand. The building is very nice, I hear flight control is top shelf, but I did not get to see it

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USA 3000 Airlines Study Guide Questions:

1. Can you start very soon?
2. What is important to you?
3. What is your style of dispatching?