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Interview experience

They sent me POS space tickets and was even upgraded to first class!!!! I met with very nice HR lady who asked me the normal questions. Then I met with the manager of dispatch support and 2 other FDSC's. They will ask you some real world dispatching and support questions. Then there is an 80 question test. The office BIG and it is buzzing like a bee hive(and there was no wx that day!). There are about 4 support desks and about 50 dispatchers on a shift (day/evening). Ausome people VERY VERY nice, and they are taking the company's struggle in stride. You have to start in dispatch support and many people have been there for 5+ years, but many have made a career out of it. The benefits are good (in my opinion). I really hope UAL turns around and stay's the great company there are. Best of luck to all who interview!

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United Airlines Study Guide Questions:

1. Tell me about yourself?
2. Tell me about your previous experience?
3. You found out you have a flight plan that has some errors and flight leaves in an hour, A coworker needs your help ASAP on a trip they are running, your manager calls you and says they need to meet with you ASAP. In which order would you do them ?