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Read Page 1 ... test covers many obscure aspects of dispatch, and also many flight related items that would in reality be more appropriate for pilot applicants (I have over 7 years of Part 121 dispatching experience and have never had to use many of the issues related to some of these questions). There are laminated approach charts and departure and arrival (SID and STAR) charts and sections of Low Altitude Enroute Charts and the questions are about the details like minimum altitudes and reporting points and distances from one to another. The strategy I used was to answer the questions I knew and skip the ones that I was not sure of and go back to them later, but because of the length of the test, later was too late, and I quickly guessed at some that I could have answered correctly with a little more time. I felt that I did ok on the questions I answered, but I did not get to the last page, so in that way I did not do so well. I would suggest that you study for weeks in advance and cover everything you can; I am sorry that I can not provide details, but the test was a mix of typical dispatch knowledge questions and other questions that were intended to measure the depth of knowledge, which would be fair, except for the ... Continue Reading this Interview Experience