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Airport Fashion for Flight Attendants

Off the clock and waiting on a layover? These must-have pieces will keep you looking fashionable at all times! Be the best dressed Flight Attendant at the airport!

  • Sunglasses ( Get a classic Wayfarer or Aviator pair always in-style)
  •  Stretchy skinny jeans/leggings ( Very comfortable and look really good on. Pick a dark shade black or dark blue works the best and is very versatile)
  • A over sized sweater ( They feel like you are in Pj’s all day! Who wouldn’t want one? Get one in a neutral shade like a tan or black to look chic! Pair with leggings and your good to go!)
  •  Ballet flats (Airports are HUGE and your feet get sore from all of that walking. Get a cute pair of flats in a print like leopard, pop of color like red or a neutral shade like tan and your feet will look and feel fabulous!)
  • Over sized structured bag ( Get a bag big enough to hold everything you need but with enough sections and zippers to stay organized!)
  • Fedora ( For bad hair days this style of hat is the best to hide fly aways and still look incredibly fashionable!)


Check out these websites to see what the celebrities are wearing to airports to stay in-style!

People Style Watch 

British Vogue



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Becoming a Flight Attendant

Being a Flight Attendant is a great career to have! There are so many advantages we decided to list our top reason why you should become a Flight Attendant!

1. Free travel and buddy passes for family/friends

2. You meet new people everyday

3. Get paid to see the world

4. It never gets boring

5. Learn to become excellent at multi-tasking

6. Good benefits

7. Save money on work clothes by wearing uniforms

8. Schedule

AND so many other things! These are just of few!!!



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Flight Attendant School

Many people looking for a career as a Flight Attendant want to know if flight school is required! As I have said before it is NOT required that you go to any kind of flight school. A high school education is the only form of education that is required!

If you decide to do Flight Attendant school you will be very well prepared for when you begin to interview and get a job and honestly you will have a leg up on your competition!

Flight Attendant school is usually around 3 to 8 weeks or so averaging around 6 to 7 weeks. Normally you stay in the city that the training is provided in for the couple weeks. However, it is becoming pretty normal to spend a few weeks learning virtually  from your computer and then traveling to do hands on training. This shortens up the amount of time you have to spend at the specific school and you save money by not having to stay in a hotel or renting a place for very long! Of course if you live in the area where the training is taking place you will save a lot of money! Some FA schools even have the option to do only a week or so for hands on training!

Explore your options online we have found many great options for FA schools. Here are a few you should look into…..

The Travel Academy 

Flight Attendant Express 

The Airline Academy 


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The best flights to work

Typically as a Flight Attendant you get your fair share of unhappy passengers. Probably because a lot of passengers are traveling for business and they are not in the best mood! However, every time you work a flight that is heading to a vacation destination everyone is in such a great mood! Excited to be traveling somewhere and looking forward to nothing but beaches and cold drinks! Or they are coming back and still on a high from the vacation they had! That can make any long flight good! But, for those who are just commuting back to New York or Los Angeles for a business trip they may be a bit more cranky and eager to get home!


Any chance you get to work a flight going to  a vacation destination (somewhere tropical) take it! It will be very pleasant, promise!

Have a good week 🙂


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Top 10 interview questions

These questions are the most frequently asked during the interview process when becoming a Flight Attendant.


1. Why should we choose you over other candidates?

2. Why did you leave your last job?

3. What do you think is the primary job of a Flight Attendant?

4. Why do you want to be a Flight Attendant for (Airline name)?

5. Tell us a little about yourself.

6. Name a time you went above and beyond for a passenger.

7. Name a time you resolved a conflict while working.

8. What is your greatest achievement?

9. Are you willing to relocate?

10. How would you handle an emergency situation?


For more interview tips and real life experiences visit Aviation Interviews  



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What day is it again? The benefits of being a flight attendant

“I hate mondays” Thats something you will never hear a Flight Attendant say! Most of the time we don’t know if it is monday or friday! If you are someone who likes variety and not a set schedule you will love being a Flight Attendant! If you are already a Flight Attendant you probably can agree that there never is a boring or repetitive day on the job!

Different cities, crews and experiences every single day are what makes being a Flight Attendant so much fun and full of adventure! Would you rather work a 9-5 job in the office every week knowing exactly what time your boss is going to get up to go have lunch or would you prefer flying to California one day and New York the next? I think there is a clear winner here! (For most people anyways!!)

Free travel, good company and never having the Monday blues are a few reasons why the Flight Attendant lifestyle is oh so great 🙂


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Submit your interview experience

Attention all Flight Attendants!! 

Okay how many of you have had an interview with an airline that you felt totally unprepared for?? I’m sure several of us have not felt the most confident for a few job interviews in our past. If you could do it all over again wouldn’t you prepare by using study guides questions and real life Flight Attendant job interviews? You can’t go back in time but you can help out future Flight Attendants with their job interviews!

By submitting your interview experiences and providing a few example questions that were asked during the interview process you can help out so many prospective Flight Attendant’s. Or maybe you yourself have an upcoming interview? If so, you can prepare for you job interview by looking at study guide questions and view interview experiences by specific airlines!

Get a leg up on your competition and visit  the Aviation Interviews website!! Start preparing for your job interview today!

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How to get on a Flight Attendant’s good side

We all know how passengers can be! Some are pushy some are rude and some are lovely, but that doesn’t happen too often! However, we can all probably agree on a few ways anyone can get on our good side while flying. It’s not that hard to do and it makes for a much smoother ride for everyone!

First of all complaining of any type is just plain annoying not just to us working but to your fellow passengers as well. If you coffee is too hot or your seat is uncomfortable I’m sorry, but there is nothing I can do about your seat, next time upgrade to First Class!  Just remember we are trying to keep the plane and all of the passengers safe before anything else, your coffee will cool down eventually!

Say thank you or acknowledge we are there! This is really simple but it feels wonderful! Instead of just taking the soda we poured or walking by us as we say “Thank you for flying with us have a nice day” say something ANYTHING back! We like interacting with people that’s why we have a job in this industry!

If we say please turn off your technology or cellphones please just do it! It is hard to control over 100 people at one time and even harder to try to get everyone to cooperate with you! Also if you see a blinking light saying please fasten your seat belts it is in your best interest to do so!!

Lastly, we are not babysitters. Please do not ask us to watch your children while you are busy doing something else!

Enjoy your flight 🙂



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Flight Attendant’s must-have gadgets

To help get you through long layovers and long days we have come up with the best list of little gadgets that are must-haves while traveling and living a fast paced lifestyle!! Between layovers when you are too alert to sleep but too tired to be active sit back and enjoy your time!

Invest in an iPad

Apple is simply a genius. All the talk is true, iPad’s are great! Small enough to carry around, have everything you could possibly need and you can get some pretty cool accessories to personalize them! Store your music on them, watch you weekly TV shows and movies, download apps, video chat with your loved ones, stay in touch by checking e-mails and social media sites! Okay we could go on but the point it is the iPad is awesome and a great investment!

Some awesome accessories for the iPad to follow….

  • DODO makes great iPad cases that look chic and are really durable! Throw it in your carry on and go!
  • The Apple Store has a variety of really great ear buds and headphones to choose from!
  • Apps from staying on a healthy diet plan to the weather in your current area are all really useful for life on the go. It is hard to make good eating choices when in an airport all the time. Buy or get a free app that helps manage your calorie intake and balance out your day the healthy way! Also there is a great app all about aviation news as well. Stay updated on airport info and weather wherever you are! Even get apps to journal and write down anything you are thinking about!

Here are a few apps to check out!

  • MyFitnessPal
  •  iJournal


The Kindle or Nook  

This is necessary for any one who is a big reader! Instead of carrying around a bunch of books you can have all of your favorites at the touch of a button! Read books, magazines and newspapers anywhere you want! They are way more trendy than lugging around novels and every issue of your favorite mag! Get cool accessories for these as well and de-clutter your reading stash!


Get a great camera

Document all of the places you travel to! Sure taking a photo at every airport may seem silly now but someday you will be grateful for having the photos! Take photos with the crew, of national monuments and of the beautiful places you go! Being a Flight Attendant is a wonderful and unique career you should have photos of the time spent in the cabin crew to cherish for life!!

Canon has great cameras with great quality! If you plan on having a durable long lasting camera go with this brand it will not disappoint!

Have a great day! 🙂

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Do you need to go to college to become a Flight Attendant?

This is a question that comes up ALL the time. The simple answer to this is, No!

Although a college education or going to flight attendant school is always an added plus it is not a requirement! The only education requirement is that you have a High School Education! For international flight attendants it is usually a requirement to speak a foreign language fluently.

When you apply for a airline and get hired they will be giving you professional training how they would like you do work and so on. This is why it is not needed for you to go to flight attendant school, they will already be training you at no cost!

However, just like any job you would like to get it is nice to have a background in the field you are applying for. You will not be less valuable or less applicable if you didn’t go to flight attendant school! But if you would like to go into this career with more experience flight attendant school is a really great option!

To be a flight attendant you have to be a people person and patient. Passengers are so rude! Almost everyone has been on a plane and seen how passengers treat flight attendants sometimes! Yet the flight attendants always react so calmly and nicely!

Flight attendants need to be friendly, hospitable, people- friendly and polite. There are a few more requirements involving age, ability to lift weight and experience. These are  great links to check out the requirements to be a flight attendant. 

Flight Attendant Express

Flight Attendant Facts

Flight Attendant Career

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