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Labor day flight attendant style

Get ready for some crazy travel and probably crazy passengers! Labor day is just around the corner on the 3rd of September and there is an expected large crowd that will be traveling in the skies and on the road! Finish out the summer with some holiday fun!

If you have to work you can still celebrate! Here are a few ideas of how you can spend the day if you have to work for the holiday!!

1. Site see anything! If you are on a layover use this time to celebrate the holiday! Most cities in the U.S. have some form of a festival or parade for labor day. Stop buy  for a few hours and grab a bite to eat! It may not be what you had in mind but hey it beats sitting in the uncomfortable chairs and eating a stale piece of airport pizza!

For example Philly has a Labor day festival you can stop buy on a layover and explore the city for a bit! L.A. has a lot to do as well!  

2. Use those buddy passes! Fly out your family and friends to see you wherever you are! Explore the day together and enjoy the perks of being a F.A.!!! Be a foodie and visit the best restaurants in whatever city you are in!

3. Have a lunch date with your Cabin Crew. After all Labor day is about celebrating American workers! Why not celebrate with the people you are with all the time! A great time to bond and catch up and celebrate everything you do for one another!


If you have the day off or a couple days off you should just go travel! Hey the flight is free 🙂  Enjoy the time off and spend it with family and close friends!


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Flight Attendant: Qualities needed to be an FA

It takes a certain type of person to become a Flight Attendant with a certain kind of personality. Here is a list of a few personality traits we think are vital to being a FA!

1. Patience – Annoying passengers, lines, not knowing where you may be headed to for the day requires you to have a lot of patience.

2. Politeness- Even if you have just had the worst day ever, you still need to be polite and put on a smile. Consider yourself an actress!

3. Promptness- You need to be very much scheduled and on-time for your flights. Even if your life seems like it is not scheduled on reserve you need to get to your flight quickly and be ready to go!

4. Prepared – You need to be not only prepared yourself meaning uniform, knowing where you are going and what to do but be prepared to be out of your comfort zone. Be ready to fly all over and live this lifestyle which is great but can get lonely!

5.Productive- Work efficiently and get what you need to get done DONE. This is a must for any job but you are on a time constraint of how long you can serve and pass out beverages and snacks, a flight only last so long! 

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Flight Attendants : Healthy Lifestyle

One thing thats hard to do while on the go constantly is working out and staying healthy! Between long flights and wanting to sleep it is hard to fit it in. However, if you are staying at hotels you can use the gyms there for free! You can save money on a membership and just use their equipment.

If you are not the type who likes to stay inside to workout, when you have a layover you can walk for exercise while exploring the cities you are in. Just looking around and sight seeing can get in a good workout!

Working as a FA is a pretty physical job to begin with. Walking all over the airport is a way to stay active unlike a desk job you can actually move about. And we cant forgot serving people and helping passengers with their carry ons! 

Take advantage of the hotels gyms when you can and there free breakfast of course!!


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In-Flight snacks

Okay so typically pretzels and warm nuts are what we serve and get for airline snacks. But we can dream right? Here is a list of our dream snacks, remember they are all in smaller portions! 🙂

1. Chocolate covered strawberries!! Yum who wouldn’t want them?!

2. Movie theater popcorn! Buttery and perfect with a movie and a travel blanket!

3. Salsa/ Guacamole and chips! Bring out the margaritas later!

4. Tomato basil and fresh mozzarella kabobs! So refreshing and fairly healthy! 

5. French Fries! Well anything deep fried would taste delicious, however you may regret it later!

6. Fresh Fruit! Healthy and everyone loves fresh fruit!

7. Veggies and Ranch! The crunching may get annoying but who really caes!

8. An assortment of cheese. This would be awesome but probably pretty pricey for airlines!


Well none of this will ever happen, not complimentary anyways, but that is our dream list!! What would your list be??

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Flight Attendant Interview Process

There are many different ways an interview process can take place. Sometimes if you apply for a specific airline you will get a one on one interview. This would mean you would go to where they are stationed and interview alone. If they like you, you may be hired soon after and might not have to go to another screening. Some airlines prefer doing the one on one approach by having a FA come in alone. While others do it a bit different.

A lot of airlines have an “open house” this is where people come to interview as a large group. Most of the time anyone can show up but sometimes they are by invite only. Open houses are pretty relaxed for the most part. In the beginning the hiring staff is trying to get to know people quickly to get rid of those they dislike and keep those they want to get to know better. If you are kept for a second round most of the time you will be called in for a 1:1 or 2-3:1 interview. Here they will ask you more questions about your background and they may even ask you to read a few lines from a script like you are directing and speaking to passengers.

You may find out that day if they want to hire you, but it is common for them to contact you in about a week or two!

Good luck to any of you interviewing! Be sure to check out our other blog posts all about the most common interview questions and how to be prepared!



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Flight attendant beauty must-haves

While on the go you need to have several things with you, but they have to be able to fit into your purse or bag and meet the liquid requirements for the airline. Basically they need to be mini! A lot of FA’s start collecting and obsess over mini travel items but when it comes to makeup and hair products it is hard to find mini’s! Carrying around a full makeup bag is not possible and besides that it can get super messy! To get the same effect buy mini versions of your favorite products! If you can’t find them in mini’s her are a few we have found that work great!!


Mini Mascara  – Tiny and adorable!

Loose face powder – Comes with a brush  in it and gives amazing coverage!

Mini eyeliner Stays on really long and gives you a defined line!

Mini lipgloss Comes in tons of colors and they are way too cute to not get one! 

Mini lipstick  Also comes it a bunch of colors!

Tiny eyeshadow Get a few colors they are small enough to fit in you purse! (Brushes not included)

Long lasting blush This product works amazing! It is also very small and compact perfect for travel!

Small makeup bagThis is a perfect size to hold all of your essentials and it is very chic! 


Hair Products

Bobby Pins These come with a little case for travel so they don’t get lost! Girls, we know how easy that is to do! 

Travel sized hairspray – Gotta keep that hair looking good and in place! 

Dry Shampoo In between flights you can freshen up your hairdo with this must-have beauty item!

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Life on Reserve

This is a topic most Flight Attendant’s are not very fond of. But reserve life will be a typical lifestyle for a new  Flight Attendant until they gain seniority so it is something you need to know about!

Before you gain seniority you will be spending a lot of time on reserve. What does that mean? You will basically be “on call”   24 hours a day. You need to keep your phone on loud and next to you the whole day. Whenever they call, you need to get to the airport quickly! This can be kind of stressful because it is like a day off yet you can be called in at any moment.

You bid for days off when on reserve. If it is not a “day off” that means you are still on reserve and having a day off not worrying about keeping your phone by you at all times is something to cherish! However as you gain seniority you will not have as many reserve days.

The longer you are a FA the better schedule and pay you will get. Just like with any job the longer you stay with a company the better pay, schedule and benefits you will receive.

This video gives you an idea of what life on reserve is like!!

Life on Reserve: A Flight Attendant Story 


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Flight Attendant Perks

Ever wish you could have a “take your family to work day”? Well with this career it is actually a possibility! Take advantage of your free travel!!

Since family members fly for free you could fly your loved ones out to wherever you are for FREE! Have a few days off and want a mini vacation? No problem. Use buddy passes to fly out your family to vist  you! Enjoy a short vacation for free! Hangout during layovers and days off.

And on days you have off you can fly anywhere you want with your family. Free travel is huge! Think of how much it would cost to just pack up and head to Orlando for a week if you didn’t get free travel! YIKES!!!

Free travel is one of the great perks becoming a Flight Attendant has to offer!!


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Flight Attendant Lifestyle

Traveling from Michigan to Florida is quite the temperature change. As a FA you are traveling in all kinds of climates all over and the weather takes some getting used to! However you do get to experience all kinds of weather all of the time which is pretty cool!

Flight Attendant’s are probably the worlds “best packers” because traveling all over in different kinds of weather requires some serious thought on what to bring with for clothing. When working obviously you would be in uniform but on layovers and days off you need to have a versatile wardrobe!

From sweaters to jeans to shorts and dresses you never know what you may need to wear!

Personally I overpack like crazy! Way too many options and way too many items create mess and indecisiveness! As a FA you will become a pro at packing and deciding what is needed an not needed.


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Crashpad’s seem to be something FA’s dread or dislike the most! I hear the most feedback about this topic than any of others! Maybe because you don’t get much privacy or maybe it can be hard to deal with if you don’t like your co-workers who stay there as well.


Crashpad’s are pretty much used for sleeping only. Typically there will be a room with several beds or “bunk” beds all in the same room. FA’s use them to sleep and relax between layovers. You pay rent for Crashpad’s every month and depending on how many people stay there rent can be pretty reasonable. Most FA’s rent a hotel, apartment and sometimes a smaller house.


Sometimes Crashpad’s will have several people staying and it is a first come first save basis. No one has a specific bed or anything. It would just be random and whoever shows up first gets first pick! However most Crashpad’s have about 5 FA’s staying in one room who regularly occupy it.


Do you have  any Crashpad stories? Share them with us here or on our Facebook page 🙂



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