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Five Ways to Enjoy Your Hotel Room


Do you have those trips where you just don’t feel like being social? You feel guilty because you’re right downtown in the middle of the action and you have a great crew, but you just want to be alone? Don’t feel bad! Take the opportunity to enjoy your alone time! Here are five ways to take advantage of your time and decompress:

  • Treat your room like a spa! Think manicure, pedicure and facial! Do you use a store brand hair color? This is a great time to take care of all your beauty needs.
  • Watch a movie marathon! Check out the local stations maybe there is something you’d like to see. If not you can always check out Netflix or Amazon on your computer or electronic device.
  • Read a good book! When was the last time you had a large stretch of uninterrupted time to really get into a book?
  • Work out! There are a ton of routines you can pull off in a hotel room! Basic stretching,  jumping jacks, sit ups, push ups and squats for starters. You can also find loads of exercise apps too, including yoga and pilates.
  • Sleep! Sometimes when I have a heavy month of flying, I forget how tired it actually makes me. Taking a good old fashioned nap can truly hit the spot!

How do you like to spend your free time when you slam click? Let us know your best tips for unwinding in our comment section. We’d also love for you to join us on facebook!

Happy Flying!

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