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Is it Hard Being a Flight Attendant?

I asked what questions our audience had on facebook. Here are a few really great questions that I think will help out a lot of people.

Is swimming important for flight attendants?

You’ve probably seen pictures from flight attendant training that made you think swimming skills would be necessary. It really isn’t. You will need to learn how to evacuate an aircraft in a ditching scenario, but you will be wearing a life vest. I don’t know of any airlines that require you to take a swimming test.

Should we study a specific subject at university or it’s not necessary?

I can only answer for the U.S. carriers, but no it is not necessary to go to a special school or study any specific subject. However, it is a great idea to gain customer service skills while going to school. I do think every airline prefers educated employees, but views life experience as a valuable education.

I have a 15 yr old home schooled sophomore in high school and she’s very interested in being a flight attendant. What should I do to get her in the right direction?

A well rounded education and great customer service skills will be what the airlines are looking for from young people. If she doesn’t already have a job, have her get a job working with people in a customer service environment. She needs to develop problem solving skills that you can only develop by working with the public. Learning a second language will also make her more attractive to the airlines.

Is it hard to be a flight attendant?

There are aspects to being a flight attendant that are difficult, but it may not be what you think. The actual everyday job is easy. Serving people can be hard if you don’t develop strong customer service skills and find yourself frustrated by everything passengers do day in and day out. If you love people and have good diffusing skills though this won’t be a problem for you. The hard part to me is the sleep patterns, fulfilling your dietary needs and keeping up with your overall health. The schedule can be grueling when you first start out. It can also be difficult emotionally as well, adjusting to such a new life style. The Flying Pinto’s Flight Attendant Survival Guide is a wonderful resource for flight attendants. It has great advice on everything from packing an awesome food cooler to dealing with your love relationships. It’s available on

Look for more answers to your questions coming soon! Please remember to take advantage of our site and learn from flight attendants who have been hired, what to expect at your interview. And, once you do interview remember to come back and pay it forward by filling out our survey to help other flight attendant hopefuls! Thank you!

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