Question from Danielle: I understand everything about the profession except the dropping and swapping of trips. How does it work and how is the pay affected? What if someone doesn’t want your trip? What happens then?
A. Danielle it really depends on what airline you fly for. All airlines have there own way of scheduling flight attendants. The airline that I fly for is very flexible, we can advertise our trips to other flight attendants for straight pick on the computer. If someone does pick up your trip you do of course lose the pay & the person picking up now gets the pay for that trip. If nobody picks up your trip there is the option of trading it for a different trip on a different day (as long as there’s adequate coverage for the days you are moving the trip from). There’s usually a pool of trips in the computer that are there from sick calls, vacation etc. If that still doesn’t work out for you, you can put in a request from scheduling to drop your trip, without pay. If they have the coverage, they’ll take the trip back.

Question from Jihveon: I wonder what is the most important qualification to be a stewardess?

A. I’m not sure if there is one specific qualification that is “the” most important. Flight attendants are some of the most diverse people I know. I’ve met young people from all walks of life, some who have never worked anywhere else, ex lawyers, nurses, teachers, stay at home moms and so much more. The thing they have in common is their sociability, their flexibility, their problem solving skills and their ability to work well as a team member. These are the qualifications that recruiters are looking for during the interview process and I believe they are all equally important. They want to find the people that are the best fit because it is an investment to send each person they send to training.

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