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Scared? Go Anyway!

Q. I’m starting the flight attendant classes probably in December .. and I’m kinda scared any advice?

A. At first I thought that our reader was on their way to flight attendant training with an airline. After private messaging for a bit, I figured out what she meant was that she is on her way to a paid (by her) flight attendant school. You may all remember from a previous post that you can find “here” that I don’t believe in paying for a flight attendant school. At least not in the U.S. The airline that hires you will train you. Why go through the training twice and pay hundreds possibly thousands of dollars to do it? I will also answer the question about being scared, whether you are headed to flight attendant school or flight attendant training or anywhere for that matter! We have all been there! Life can be scary, but nothing changes if we don’t move forward so I always say, if you know it’s something you want (and most people going for a flight attendant position desperately want to be a flight attendant!) feel scared and do it anyway!

Prepare the very best you can. Read sites such as this one, buy books, talk to others that have been there and be thankful the internet is there for you! Twenty years ago I was scared and alone! Lol! No internet to search and find answers from! The better prepared you are the more relaxed you will be! You can try different methods of relaxation. I’m a true believer in meditation, but use whatever works for you and then punch through it!

Best of luck to anyone heading to flight attendant training! I truly believe it is worth the experience whether you fly for a year or forty five years!

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Safe Flying!

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Does appearance matter?


Q. “I’m 5’1 should I just give up my dream? I’m 16 maybe I’ll grow and inch more? If not I’m pretty much screwed eh?”

A. Height requirements like weight requirements were dropped by most U.S. based airlines in the 1990’s. If mentioned at all it will state in the job requirements that, “height must be in proportion to weight”. I did notice in your question that you added “eh” at the end, so guessing you could be Canadian I also checked on Air Canada’s requirements and again nothing about height was mentioned and unlike the U.S. based airlines they will hire qualified applicants age 18 and up. I would recommend you wear a nice conservative heel to your interview and don’t worry about it!

Q. “Is it really a big deal to have clear skin to become a flight attendant?” 

A. This is a yes and no answer. I can only speak for the U.S. I do have some friends at Emirates and other airlines around the world who have told me that they are more strict when it comes to appearance, but just as I stated above in regards to height, the U.S. is a lot less discriminating when it comes to appearances. That’s not to say one doesn’t need a professional appearance. I would do my best to look and feel my best before an interview because how you feel about yourself will come across in the interview. Recruiters are looking for people who feel confident in themselves so appearance comes into play indirectly.

You can improve your skin vastly through diet, by eating whole foods such as fruits & mainly vegetables and by cutting out processed foods and alcohol.

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Happy & safe flying!

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School or Flight Attendant? That is the Question!

Q. How does one afford living when they first start off as a flight attendant? I have been thinking about becoming a flight attendant recently, and it is completely opposite of the physical therapy career I have been going for. I am currently in school for biology.. but if I want to become a flight attendant, the quicker the better right? Should I continue with school even though my degree will be in biology and minor in Spanish? Or should I just start applications? I have so many questions! Thank you.

A. This is a tough question that really only you can answer, but maybe I can give you some information that will help you make that decision. A college degree is not required to become a flight attendant. I don’t have one and feel my career as a flight attendant has afforded me the best education one can get, travel. However, most airlines will prefer that you have one. If you are polished, well spoken and have solid customer service experience behind you, they will hire you regardless of whether or not you have that piece of paper. But! You’re taking a little bit of a risk by not having a back up plan. I got lucky, I’m with a great airline and my timing was right. Twenty years later I feel secure in my career, but I have also educated myself and have an online career now too. I know people that have got on with airlines only to be furloughed and it can be a bumpy path. When you do decide to start applying, do your research and pick the airline that is right for you. And, yes to answer your question, seniority is everything at the airlines!

Ok, so lets pretend you ditch school and go straight to the airlines. One of the best things about this career is the flexibility. You will most likely have some reserve years ahead of you, but once that is behind you it is easy to fit school in. I know many flight attendants who have returned to school to get their degrees, become nurses, lawyers and many many other things. I even know a flight attendant personally that has a baby, is in school full time and on reserve! That is not recommended, but she has figured out a way to make it all work! The most amazing thing about all this is that most who finish up with their schooling don’t quit flying! They do both so that should tell you something!

Now lastly, how does one afford life as a new flight attendant. It is tough, but if it’s what you really want there are ways. Some live with family or live in a crash pad. If you’re young I recommend the crash pad life, you’re gone a lot anyway and it’s cheap. It also helps to be surrounded by people in the same boat (or plane..hahaha). You could also date a lot for nice meals;-D

Good luck with your decision! If you’d like to learn more about the career read, The Flight Attendant Survival Guide! It will tell you everything you’d like to know and help you decide if this is the path for you! Also, once you have an interview don’t forget us! Come back and fill out our survey and keep following us on facebook!

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