Scared? Go Anyway!

Q. I’m starting the flight attendant classes probably in December .. and I’m kinda scared any advice?

A. At first I thought that our reader was on their way to flight attendant training with an airline. After private messaging for a bit, I figured out what she meant was that she is on her way to a paid (by her) flight attendant school. You may all remember from a previous post that you can find “here” that I don’t believe in paying for a flight attendant school. At least not in the U.S. The airline that hires you will train you. Why go through the training twice and pay hundreds possibly thousands of dollars to do it? I will also answer the question about being scared, whether you are headed to flight attendant school or flight attendant training or anywhere for that matter! We have all been there! Life can be scary, but nothing changes if we don’t move forward so I always say, if you know it’s something you want (and most people going for a flight attendant position desperately want to be a flight attendant!) feel scared and do it anyway!

Prepare the very best you can. Read sites such as this one, buy books, talk to others that have been there and be thankful the internet is there for you! Twenty years ago I was scared and alone! Lol! No internet to search and find answers from! The better prepared you are the more relaxed you will be! You can try different methods of relaxation. I’m a true believer in meditation, but use whatever works for you and then punch through it!

Best of luck to anyone heading to flight attendant training! I truly believe it is worth the experience whether you fly for a year or forty five years!

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Safe Flying!

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