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Compass Airlines Study Guide Questions

These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with Compass Airlines

  1. Would I depart for an airport if they reported mu-25?
    Depends on what the GOM says for minimum braking action. Crosswinds would be a big factor to consider in a go/no-go decision as well.
    No, MU-25 means braking action is 'poor'. MU-.40 or greater good braking
  2. Would you fly fatigued?
    No. Fatigue can lead to poor judgment, slower reaction time, decreased visual acuity, among other problems that increase unnecessary risk in an Aviation environment.
    No way. I've done that during an ORE. Nodding off in formation is not cool.
    No of course NOT
  3. Describe the landing gear of the plane you are flying.
    We have a tricycle gear set up, each main gear has four-wheel truck and the nose gear has two wheels. They are ABS/Anti-skid equipped, and the emergency braking system has hydraulic accumulators that provide up to 7 full applications of brake pressure. You have to be careful when applying the brakes to avoid getting into an oscillation between the braking action and your brake pedal pressure
  4. What qualities make a good captain?
    Intelligent, safety focused, disciplined, self aware, good judgement, integrity.
    Confident, Diligent, Good CRM skills, Good Problem Solver
    Listens to input, buys dinner
  5. What does your resume not tell us about you?
    I am really going to miss my friends from the Air Force, I really enjoy going around the world with them, I met a lot of good people there but now it's time to go.
  6. Ever had an emergency?
    Yes. I was NORDO in a Cessna 172 twice. I followed the check lists and resolved the issue while staying calm and contacted appropriate leadership and ATC when safe on deck.
    yes, many over the years
  7. Why do you like Compass?
    I like the new modern equipment and I like the fact that it's got flow through to/ is part of Northwest.
  8. Did you ever have a problem with an F/O?
  9. Have you ever gone out of the way for a passenger?
    Absolutely, she wasn't a passenger, but one of my WSOs was feeling sick when we were getting ready for a flight back from Nellis in Las Vegas. The training mission we had planned wasn't vital, so we canceled the low-level profile and went straight back to Dyess from Nellis as fast as we could. I was totally prepared to get her to the Flight Doc if necessary or even cancel the flight if required.
  10. What are holding speeds?
    200 knots up to 6000 230 knots from 6000 to 14000, 265 above 14000 and 310 knots if your in a F-111 or if your at a Navy base
  11. Feedback from: Ericka A
    (Interviewed with Compass Airlines)

    Very accurate and helpful

    Apr 24, 2019