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Trans States Airlines Study Guide Questions

These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with Trans States Airlines

  1. How did you here about Trans States Airlines?
    If you know people that work at the company definitely say that and tell the interviewers their names. They knew each and every individual that I said I had spoken to about the company and seemed very pleased that I actually knew people in the company.
    From your recruitment team via Facebook, Job fairs, and visits to Flight schools in my area.
    from friends
    The only Regional Airlines that will grow about 30% in a year
  2. Why Trans States Airlines?
    The only Jet airline thats will grow 30% in a year, and I want to be part of it
  3. Tell us about your past employment?
    I’m in a desk job and want to get back flying.
    I am still employed, just looking for a better career.
  5. Which base would you like?
    I would like to be asigned to the Dulles, Washington, D.C.
  6. When can you start?
    I have to get the RTP program, but I'm available mid January 2018
    I am a 1000 hour R-ATP candidate so I do not have the required time yet.
  7. Do you have any turbine time?
    Over 2500 hours in single an twin engine helicopters
  8. Which airplane do you currently fly?
    Partenavia P-68.
    Flying helicopters
    King air C90XP
  9. Tell us about EMB 145 electrical heating system? (Know it Verbatim)
  10. What is the Minimum temperature for manual Anti Ice operation?
  11. Feedback from: Jason S
    (Interviewed with Trans States Airlines)

    Very helpful in preparing for an interview. Would recommend to anyone.

    Mar 09, 2020