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I submitted an application via the ACO website on about November 2017 with a current employee reference. I received an email two days later informing I was not selected to continue in the hiring process because I lacked enough night time. I inquired about how much night time ACO likes to see and was told 50 hours minimum. Over the next few weeks I accrued the flight time and reapplied which was the week before Christmas. I applied and emailed the HR rep, Ray, informing him that I had gained the necessary flight time. I didn't hear back for a few weeks, so I emailed the HR rep again and heard back about 1 hour later. I was asked to respond with my current flight time and a resume which I did. About 4 days went by and I hadn't heard back, so I emailed again to confirm he received my resume. Still, nothing. About a week after that I called and left a voicemail for Ray. He quickly returned my call and we set up a time for a phone interview to take place with Reid. I prepared for the phone interview using this site which was nearly spot on, however, I did prepare my own responses for questions on why I chose ACO and how I would make a great fit. The phone interview began with Reid asking what I knew about ACO. I had done... Continue Reading this Interview Experience