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Arrived at the Salt Lake City base and talked to Asst. Chief Pilot. They do not care which base you interview because they have sims everywhere and the interview process is standardized to a sheet with check boxes. First went through the normal things like logbooks, certificates, medical, etc.  ACP got out a Jeppesen low enroute and asked some basic questions, nothing tricky- what do large changes in grid MORA numbers tell you (mountainous terrain nearby), what do the airport colors mean (green= no approaches, blue= has some), how would you get to a green (non-IFR) airport if it were IFR in the area (file to a blue one and go visual for the last few miles if possible), no tricks he just wanted to see if I knoew the Jepp nav materials and I did. Then he got out a Jepp approach plate and asked what symbols on the plate were. What would you do if you lost sight of the runway on a circle to land gone bad (turn toward the runway, and then fly the missed approach for the runway you originally shot the approach to, not some other runway). Jeppesen puts the runway lighting system for the approach somewhere else, so do not look there for it. I nailed most of the plate questions so he dropped the subject. He is not looking for encyclopedic knowledge.  
Then he asked a word problem, You are instructed by... Continue Reading this Interview Experience