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Interview starts at 8:30 AM. Two pilots are scheduled to meet with Eric, the pilot recruiter and you wait on a big red couch. Eric introduces himself at 8:30 AM sharp and both pilots are shown into a conference room. The first half of the day is a presentation by Eric on the company, working at Flight Options, the future, and benefits/pay information. He then opens the floor to questions. Very casual and informal setting. He will not ask you any questions at this point. Be sure to prepare some questions before arriving as you don’t want to just sit there staring at Eric for 2 hours. After the initial meeting with Eric is a tour of the facility including the Operations Control Center which looks like NASA mission control and is scheduled to double in size next year. Really neat stuff. After the tour is a 30-minute lunch break before the afternoon sim session.

The sim session is pretty straightforward and takes place in a King Air B200 sim with visuals (no motion). Bob, the sim instructor will provide the entire gouge on the power settings, etc. The profile is first pilot takes off from 6R at RYN and departs on vectors to intercept the V16 to IWA. After intercepting the airway you will be given holding instructions to hold at Stanfield VOR. Be sure to ask for a wind report as we encountered strong crosswinds that may push you out of the protected area. Don’t forget to you’re your SIC get the arrival ATIS while in the hold. After a couple of turns in the hold its radar vectors for the ILS 30C at IWA with the ceiling reported as 400 ¾.The ILS was pretty simple but one thing to keep in mind is the visuals give a false perception of your approach path to the runway when you break out so most people end up going low and touching down on the numbers and in some cases hitting the approach lights. Add a little power and keep this in mind when you break out and you should be fine. After landing it’s a short break and the... Continue Reading this Interview Experience