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They don't provide any transportation to or from the interview, which is in HNL, so be prepared to spend a little bit. They asked for two buisiness days, but most of us got it all done in 1. 6 people, 3CFI, 2 Corporate, 1 121. Started out the morning with 3 written tests. First one was an IQ type test with pages of tic-tac-toe grids with patterns, and the 9th one missing in which you have to pick the best option out of 8 choices. Nobody finished, and you feel really stupid afterwards. Don't let the sample questions fool you, they get hard. Next test was speed test with numbers. Had to pick numbers from a grid with X and Y coordinates. Easy to mix up numbers, 50 questions in 9 minutes. No one finished that either. Last test, ATP written. Thank the Lord it was finally something I knew. No charts or computations. All WX,... Continue Reading this Interview Experience