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I was flown on positive space to St. Louis the day before the interview.  Stayed at the Best Western, which will give you a Trans States discount for 45 dollars.  Hotel will shuttle you to and from airport as well as the interview itself.  Interview started at 7:30 a.m. at the Flight Safety building.  Only 2 other guys interviewed with me.  The Trans States interview is now a 3 part interview:  Sim eval, ATP test, and panel interview.  We started with a very informal Q&A with Mike and Kathy.  Upon meeting Mike, he will put you at ease immediately.  He tells you not to be nervous...he wants to get to know who you really are and if you will fit into their environment.  Trans States is a smaller company and has the feel of family.  Everybody knows each other in this company, and pilots are not just a number to them.  They give you the impression that they actually care about you.  Both Mike and Kathy are very down-to-Earth and want to see if you have a good attitude and good personality.  Obviously they are looking for competent people, but they are also trying to weed out arrogant pilots with a sense of entitlement.  A bad attitude and a D-bag mentality will get you no where...and they will spot you out.  We have all seen these types of guys in the aviation industry.
After the Q&A, we took the test.  It was composed of ATP questions.  Study weather,... Continue Reading this Interview Experience