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The interview was held in a hotel conference room so I arrived the day before and stayed in the hotel. The interview started at 9:30 but I was asked to arrive 30 minutes early to submit paperwork. There were 8 of us there for the interview and the paperwork process was complete at about 9:15. One of the interview pilots came out and spoke with us until the rest of the panel arrived and the interview started. The room had two long tables that were facing each other, one for the panel and one for the candidates. There were already name tags at each of the chairs. They started with tell us about yourself. The question was pretty open and answers varied considerably. Then the asked who had flown Virgin, (all had) and asked us to tell about our experience. I had only flown them on the way to the interview so I recounted my experience and was sure to include the names of all of the people I spoke with. I was the only one to include such detail. Then they told us all about Virgin; history, culture, pay and benefits.... Continue Reading this Interview Experience