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I can talk about 3 things regarding West Air: the interview, the company, and the job. My interview was in Fresno, CA and took about 2.5 hours. It consisted of 3 parts. The first was an informal discussion with operations director and the chief instructor. I think they mostly wanted to get an idea about personality, verify that you can talk in complete sentences. Friendly discussion about work history, flying experience, etc. The interaction was respectful and professional, I got a positive impression of both men that they were experienced and knew their jobs. The second part was a written test with about 20 questions. You write out answers in long hand. It is not multiple choice. It pertained to instrument and part 135 rules, interpreting Jeppeson charts, etc. If you have recently passed or studied for ATP written, it will not be too hard. I missed a few questions but they said it was basically passing. Not a lot of feedback on what answers were correct or incorrect. The third and most difficult part of... Continue Reading this Interview Experience