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FREE West Air pilot interview information and gouge

West Air, Inc - Fresno, CA (FedEx Feeder)  The interview process is a 3 part process that takes about 1.5 to 2 hours: Interview, 25 question written test, and sim ride. It takes place at their Fresno office located at KFAT. You will be emailed ahead with a list of items to bring such as your logbook(s), certificates, driver's license, etc... and what to expect. The interview is with the chief pilot and director of ops. It's very laid back and really more of a get to know you. Perhaps they tailor it to your experience. You might just end up 'talking shop' and any stories you have like emergencies, how you saved the day, "there I was a FL350..." Don't sweat the interview at all. They make you feel at home very quickly. The 25 question written covers 91/135 regs and some AIM. They seem to be at ATP standards so review the written guides. There are 2 questions at the asking for the Garmin 530/430. They don't expect you to know those, but it's a bonus if you can impress them. You'll learn the Garmin ops at Flight... Continue Reading this Interview Experience