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Read Page 1 ... available as you demonstrate your ready to meet the responsibility. The interview was conducted by the Chief Pilot, and HR Representative. I sat down with the Chief first and he explained the operation, the scheduling, responsibilities, and described the transportation to and from home to the aircraft. Everything seemed very agreeable to me. The scheduling could be 8 on 6 off or 18 on 12 off, and possibly other combinations. I was then given a approximately 20 question test that covered METAR's, TAF's, procedures at non-towered airports, various regulations, airspace, and AIM type questions. It was not like the ATP written, so you couldn't really study for it. It was very broad based. The Chief was a very positive and likeable guy, he likes to be thorough and is more than willing to explain anything you ask. He... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. I had 2 preliminary phone interviews/screenings. After the second phone interview I was invited to interview at the HQ at KADS. Transportation to KADS was on my nickel. The transportation home was paid for by Ameristar. I was told I could submit my expense to the company once I was on the payroll. Everyone I met from Ameristar was very friendly and professional. They are a impressive operation with a HR Department, Maintenance Department, Dispatch/Scheduling Department, Training Department,... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. I submitted my resume and was called by the Chief Pilot. This was very much a preliminary screening interview/call. I was asked to provide details about my prior flying and work experience. This is a adhoc /On Call part 135 position and the Chief Pilot wanted to emphasize this point. He explained the on-call nature and the positioning requirements of the crews. When you are on duty for 8 days you travel to the equipment and from the equipment back to your home from the point of your last... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. over the phone interview lasts 57 minutes. good experience, bacic questions and H.R. very nice... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. They've done away with that first schedule. You work 20 days a month. How you want to do that is up to you. A lot of people do 10 on 5 off, you can do all 20 straight to get a bunch of time off. The only base now is ADS. They like you to live there in Dallas but don't require it. Pay is better than regional but when you're on the road you are on call. You could be up all day then get a call at 10pm for an all night trip. Not much fun. Upgrade time is fairly quick though. Looking about 2... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. I met with the DO and HR. Interview process was very basic. The attitude is that if you have the time, especially any 121 experience, you are qualified. Not sure why they are concerned about 121 time as this is on demand charter, freight only. Flying around 300-400 hours a year in a 40 year old DC 9. No technical questions. No pressure and total at ease and laid back. Most of the interview questions came from HR. Why 135 on demand? How do you feel sitting around a hotel for several days at... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. This seems to be a crappy company to fly for. Heard they have lost 15 pilots since Sept. When told about the schedule, told them thanks, but no thanks. They have a 5 on 2 off schedule with one 12 on 2 off per month. Basically works out to having 6 days off a month. Was told you are gone (away from base/home) from monday morning until friday night or sat morning. You must also live at a base, detroit, addison or el paso, tx. No Commuting. They also have 1 week vacation every 3 months or 4 total... Continue reading this interview experience

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