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Read Page 1 ... a guy in the last group took it 3 times. We were finished by 8P.M.

DAY 2 began at 6AM with the company paid breakfast buffet- again, nice- followed by the 7AM “this is WASInc” presentation given by the founder/CEO. On the surface it seems like a great story and you can almost buy into it, but you need to look at it as a professional. The REAL story is: QUESTION: “How do I run a really cheap contract operation?” ANS: You recruit a bunch of flight attendants from a poor foreign country, team them up with high time, experienced, but under-paid/under-employed (corporate/commuter) or down on their luck (furloughed) pilots and flight engineers, then pay them HALF of what they should be making but more than what they’re getting now. SIMPLE. I don’t mean this in a derogatory way at all; like they say in the GOD FATHER; it’s not personal, it’s business. But I digress… The 15 min (yes, you read it right) interviews follow after the presentation. Mine consisted of: “How did you get interested in flying”. I gave them a 5 minute spiel on my life and then we just chatted about the state of the industry. That was it! No F-ing human resource A-hole or the “if you were a vegetable what one would you be” or “tell me about a time when you F’ked up” crap. It was really very low key. I don’t think this is the kind of interview where you should try to “SELL” yourself; one guy tried it that way and got sent home the next morning – just be likable. I think they’re trying to find out if you’re the kind of guy they could spend 10 hours in the cockpit with. After the interviews you will go over the SIM profile with one of the Asst. chief pilots. He’ll explain it in detail. It is done in three parts and set at MSP 30L: 1. Short Taxi and T.O. Rwy Hdg to 3000’, Left OR right turn direct NARCO, Climb to 4000’. At NARCO turn left or right to 090 or 150 (direction of turn is the same as the one at T.O.), Start Timing and descend to 3000’ @ 1000’/Min. Just after level off, make a 180 (you do the math) to intercept the localizer and land. Be careful which way you turn inbound. 2. Start on the runway, take-off Rwy Hdg to 1200’ turn left OR right on Radar vectors; climb to 4000’; Vectors to the ILS; on base turn descend to 3000’ and intercept. At 1000’ take over visually and land (they turn off the ILS). 3. Frozen at 4000’ on a dog leg to final. Just after the motion starts you get an engine failure. Run the memory items, then descend to 3000’, level off, intercept the ILS and land. During all of these you’ll be changing flap settings and making lots of required call outs!

After the briefing you’ll have... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. WASINC, 8 – 10 MAR 06 I contacted their chief pilot after having seen a letter he posted on my current company’s MEC web board. He expressed sympathy for our plight and offered a chance at doing some contract work for JAL. A nice letter I thought, so I E-mailed him my resume. The next day he called me and told me all about the company: pay, benefits, etc. A few days later their personnel manager called me and we had a mini-telephone interview. “Why do you want to work for us?” He... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Interviewed through HACS and was very impressed with the staff. An Admin guy, the HACS Chief Pilot, and a retired JALways 747 Check Airman conducted the interview. There was also a JAL HR guy reviewing logbooks and paperwork but he did not ask any questions. Don’t go out of your way to get letters of recommendation, the Japanese won’t even look at them. No technical questions and no written tests of any kind. They want you to pass, REGARDLESS of your age, because they don’t make money if... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. I interviewed with IASCO and JAL. The previous gouge is correct for the IASCO interview as well. I had a good experience overall. I had no technical questions or any written tests, just “Tell me about a time” and “What would you do if”. We were supplied with the profiles and callouts a few weeks before our interview, so they expect that you know that cold. Day one is interview and the first “practice” sim. It is practice, but they are watching, so as always do your best. If... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. DON\'T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY, IF YOUR AGE IS IN THE 40s. Questionable age hiring \"issues\" going on. If you\'re in your 40s and do everything correctly and fly to ATP Type Rating standards, \"extremely high\" probability you won\'t pass the simulator check with the JAL check airman. If your age is in the 30s, even if you totally screw up the simulator profiles, have the JAL check airman instruct you how to fly the simulator and land the simulator for you, there\'s a better... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. I just read the other candidates input and would 100% concur with the other candidates observation if you are a candidate in your 40s +. Don't spend hundreds of dollars in simulator practice if you are in this category. I finished interviewing with Wasinc/JALWays during the March 2005 interview grouping. I was in the last few groups to be interviewed. While talking to other candidates who were already in the process or finished Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3, a "disturbing trend" appears to be... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. The interview process is fairly straight forward. Day one consisted of a series of written tests: MMPI personality profile, IQ, and "cultural adaptability." Day two were the formal interviews with the management of WASINC and JAL Director of Training, and practice simulator profile. Although they referred to the sim profile as "practice" and "training" about 50% of the applicants are cut after the sim. Recommendation: Buy practice 747-200 sim time at Pan Am Academy, preferrably in Denver.... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Good, experience overall. Great folks. No technical stuff. Only advice, if you dont have any heavy time get some. Sim is a horrible piece of equiptment. UA,s 747 classic. Unresponsive at best and all steam. Not to terribly difficult. They want you to memorize some call outs in about 12 hours. 3 ILS approaches...1 with flight director, one without, and one with an engine failure. Get practice on old guages. All flight instruments are original gyro type. Flight director is old school coat hanger... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. The interview was for WASINC,one of the companies supplying crews to Japan Airlines with a Honolulu base. I was called three weeks in advance and given a choice of days to interview. They paid for an airline ticket to Denver and also paid for the hotel and breakfast. The interview process was a three day deal: First day, fly in and check in to the hotel. The hotel front desk gave me a welcome package with a schedule tailored for me. It listed times of each event and who would be in my... Continue reading this interview experience

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