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Read Page 1 ... answer personality tests of about 300 questions 1.5 Hour interview 1:00PM - 3:00PM This consisted of about 15 questions of situations related to aviation, which required apparently great detail each one. Such as : Tell me about a situation where you tried to explain to your boss something and he didn't understand, tell me the situation, what you and he where doing , what happened, how you solved it. This was EXTREMELY tedious since I haven't really worked in aviation for the last decade, and it was tough coming up with these stupid situations. I guess thats probably why I didn't do well. Of course I don't see how some 20 year old with 200 Hours is going to answer these... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. 1) Interview 30 minutes  (Human Resource - Psychologist?) Captain B-767 / Fleet Manager B-767 LAN Airlines (2nd Psychologist?) Avenida Apoquindo 4944, Las Condes, Santiago (LAN Headquaters)     2) Psychological Exam Rosario Sur 91 Oficina 702 Las Condes Cerca Metro Manquehue 3 hour written exam 9:00AM-12:00AM This exam consists of 3 tests, the first one, is a timed 12min exam with word association and maths questions, about 50 in all, apparently you will not be able to... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. You start the day with an interview or 2 theory exams. I started with the interview, where i got asked questions from the chief pilot and a woman from human resources. Very relaxed, they asked me questions such as: Why do you want to become a pilot? Why LAN chile? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Is there a specific plane you would like to fly and why? Did you have any bad experience in the past? What is your best quality? What is your weakness? What have you heard about LAN chile? and... Continue reading this interview experience

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