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FREE Oman Air pilot interview information and gouge

Read Page 1 ... will have only to pay 500$ for the simulator session & your ticket To/From Istanbul.

The assessment is straight forward and is mainly about your simulator performance, you will fly in OOMS airport and the scenario starts with a normal visual circuit for runway 26 with no failures then followed by another take with an engine failure after V1 you completed the ILS procedure to land and mostly you will not see the runway for a Go-Around followed by a non precision approach this takes around 1 hour then you switch with your assigned partner to be a PM.
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  1. The Assessment were placed in Istanbul IFTC organized by MECCTI/AVIATION WORK FORCE Agency although there have been no confirmation before the assessment about the reality of the agency but once I arrived Istanbul every thing were well organized and more than expected very friendly people all over the place including the Oman Air Fleet Chief Manager C. Ajamy who were doing the assessment by himself. You are provided with free of charge 2 nights in a 4 star hotel WOW Istanbul... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Oman air is the national airline of the Sultanate of Oman. They fly the B737NG, ATR and soon the A330. Met the HR person and checkairman in the lobby. Simulator is in Dubai at Emirates Training Centre. No technical questions asked. Sim ride is about 1 hr per candidate. You will be briefed on the profile and will be asked to conform to your current SOP on the aircraft. They are only hiring current/qualified B737NG pilots on both seats. Dubai (DXB) 30R is the runway used. There is a 10-12... Continue reading this interview experience