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Interview experience:

It began as a group interview. The entire group was asked to introduce themselves and then were asked a series of questions to answer. Same question to each person. After that, there was a long wait. Then a new interviewer appeared and called a name and took them to another room for an individual interview. Once the candidate left, they did not return. We weren't able to ask questions or get any feedback which was frustrating!  This went on for quite a long time. Those of us that remained in the room tried to figure out if there was a pattern or if they were being random in the order they called people. Was it good to be last or was it bad? That sort if thing. It took forever, so several theories were discussed! It turns out that I was not the last called and I was offered a job during the one on one interview portion. I was only asked a couple of questions. Why they should hire me? Was I willing to relocate? Did I realize his much time I would be away from my family? Oh, and to give an example of a time that I went above and beyond the call of duty in customer service? It's been a while since the interview, so I can't recall anything else. I was asked to keep my answers brief before we started which was fine with me! Just be honest and be yourselves. They can see through BS. If you are not cut out for this work, don't force yourself to do it. The training is rigorous. Don't waste your time, the instructor's time and realize there someone else that couldn't go to training because you took a spot. I saw it in my own class. Started with 33 and ended with 22. There were people that realized too late that they had no business being there and they actually quit! Do a little self evaluation of your abilities and motivation for wanting to be a flight attendant. If it's a good fit and you are committed, then good for you! If not, have the decency to back out before classes begin do somebody else can have a shot of fulfilling THEIR dream ! Good luck everyone! It's hard work, but it's also a great job!

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