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Pilot Interview Study Guide Questions from Actual Interviews

  1. How would you prep yourself to be a Captain at a major airline over the next three years?
  2. Can you list 5 items that can be counted as runway environment in sight?
  3. What are runway threshold markings and what are their meaning?
  4. How far apart are runway centerline lights?
  5. What are the different types of hypoxia?
  6. Do you think you could be successful in EDV training since you have never flown a jet aircraft or part 135?
  7. What company did you use to do your interview prep?
  8. Would you have a problem flying with Captains younger than yourself?
  9. If you had a red button that could take you to the past to change something, would you push it?
  10. Name 3 things your boss might say that needs improvement.

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