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Pilot Interview Study Guide Questions from Actual Interviews

  1. If you have challenges in training how will you go about that?
  2. If you're cruising at FL320 and needed to descend to 9,000ft at a fix ahead, how many miles out would you start your descent?
  3. Can you draw a hold short line?
  4. When are you established in a hold?
  5. How do you determine if the tower has radar looking at the approach plate?
  6. What does the highest point on a JEPP approach plate look like?
  7. What if you were coming in on an approach , past the FAF, you have the runway in sight and the tower tells you visibility is below the required minimums, can you continue?
  8. On the KGTF ILS/LOC 3 where is the FAF, what does the maltese cross mean?
  9. What are the different types of icing?
  10. How long can microburst last for and how many miles can they take up?

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