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Pilot Interview Study Guide Questions from Actual Interviews

  1.   Do you know what the maximum holding speed is over a military airport?
  2.   How do you calculate the runway degree angle ?
  3.   Can you describe what happens into the hub of a constant speed propeller?
  4.   What is the trim philosophy on the Airbus?
  5.   What is fly by wire?
  6.   Can you describe the cargo fire extinguishing system on the Airbus 330?
  7.   What is cancel culture?
  8.   Why haven't you upgraded at current airline yet?
  9.   What would you do if while waiting for the CA to arrive at the airport the FA tells you a passenger is severely ill?
  10.   What would you do if one of the flight attendants showed up in the lobby at van time looking disheveled and smelling of alcohol?

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