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Pilot Interview Study Guide Questions from Actual Interviews

  1.   How do you manage your energy when approach leaves you fast and high into ORD?
  2.   What are the alternate requirements if your plane has WAAS / and without WAAS?
  3.   What type of hold entry would you preform on the missed approach off of ILS 10R in PDX?
  4.   What does descend via mean?
  5.   Which aspect of CRM do you consider the most important?
  6.   Have you ever had a plane malfunction in flight, what did you do?
  7.   What would you do if the FO was abbreviating the checklist?
  8.   What would you do if you said something to your FO and they didn't understand?
  9.   Do you have a yellow fever vaccine?
  10.   Do you have your COVID vaccine?

These are only 10 study guide questions of the we have for pilots!