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Pilot Interview Study Guide Questions from Actual Interviews

  1. TMAAT you used CRM to solve a dispute with a coworker
  2. Where is DME measured from for an ILS?
  3. Tell me something negative about yourself, tell me if you’re working on it?
  4. What can you do if you see the approach lights at minimums?
  5. Where is the FAF if ATC vectored you below the ILS intercept depicted FAF?
  6. What does a RVR sensor look like on a Jepp airport diagram?
  7. What is the Jepp symbology for the center of the airport?
  8. What obstacle clearance is provided (vertically and laterally ) on an instrument approach?
  9. Can you draw a microburst and explain whats happening?
  10. What kind of weather would you encounter with a high and low pressure system?

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