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Pilot Interview Study Guide Questions from Actual Interviews

  1.   What length will your hold be at 6000 feet and at 15000 feet?
  2.   What speed would you hold at 4000, 7000, and 15000 feet
  3.   What stage are microbursts present in a thunderstorm?
  4.   What is your weakness and what are you working towards?
  5.   Have you broken any SOP's?
  6.   What parts of a METAR affect takeoff and landing performance?
  7.   What is accelerate-stop distance?
  8.   What are fuel requirements for IFR and VFR? (either Part 91 or Part 121)
  9.   What is traffic pattern altitude for transport category aircraft?
  10.   What is the UTC time conversion for Alaska?

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