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SkyWest Airlines Flight Attendant Interviews

Hello I applied online and an event was posted a few weeks later There was one within driving distance so I preregistered for that event. I was at the event early (very important) dress in your professional best. Lots of info online of these details. Appearance is important as you are representing their brand. I found Skywest to be comfortable and relaxed atmosphere around 30 attendees I made it a point to sit in the front and with a group of ladies much younger than me. I tend to connect with a younger crowd well We all chatted and got to know each other made each other comfortable with the process about to happen and lent our support to one another. The lead recruiter was very approachable and made all feel at ease and welcome. Gave a brief overview of the company and what their expectations and what they have to offer. Very positive at that point each attendee was given 1 min to stand in front of the room and tell everyone what would make them and why they wanted to be a FA my advice be natural Don't over think it. Hit on the skills your possess that can fit into this career and why this is what you want for a career. We were given a 15 min break to decide if this was the right fit for each of us as they choose the candidates they would ... Continue Reading this Interview Experience