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Free SkyWest Airlines Flight Attendant Interview Study Guide Questions and Answers

  1. What would you do if a customer was playing a video loud enough that it was disturbing the other customers?
    I would politely approach the passenger and ask if they have headphones if not I would ask the passenger could they would be so kindly to turn down the volume in respect for the passengers around him.
  2. What do you know about the SkyWest family and culture?
    I know that that they are built on team work, professionalism, safety and stability. Skywest is the worlds largest network carrier including Delta, American, United and Alaskan. Skywest is also known for their top tier training.
  3. Frustrating part of a current or previous job.
    Sometimes not know what time you were getting off work. You quickly learn to adjust and adapt to this and it becomes routine.
  4. A passenger rings the flight attendant call button to complain about a child kicking their seat. The guardian of the child is reading a magazine and not paying attention to the situation. How would you handle this?
    I would calmly approach the parent and ask them if they could redirect their child from kicking the back of the passenger in front of them seat.
    Calmly get the parents attention and explain that it's affecting another customer
  5. What would you do or if a first-class passenger was getting upset?
    I would approach the passenger and find out why they were upset. I would be calm and a good listener and try to resolve the situation together.
    Try to address their concerns
    Ask the passenger why they were upset. And do my best keep him continent and calm.. deescalate the issue .
    I will first find out what the passenger is upset about, I will also empathize with their plight. From there, I'd work with the costumer to find a resolution together.
  6. What would you do or if a piece of luggage didn’t fit in the overhead compartment?
    If a luggage was to big to fit in a overhead bin I would politely tell the passenger that we will tag the bag and hold it in the cargo and they will receive it once we land in their connecting destination.
    Ask the passenger if he could keep it at his side or offer him a compartment that was sufficient
    I would try to find room in the cabin for my customers luggage, if I can not find space, then I would ask my customer if they would like to volunteer to have their luggage checked in the cargo hold.
  7. What would you do if a child and the parent weren’t paying attention?
    I would address the issue with the parent or guardian of the child, if the parent refuses to tell her child something. I would then address the child myself and offer them a treat or so to have something to distract them.
    Adresss the parent
    I would politely ask the parent to watch the child and offer. A toy for the child.
    I would make a compliment to the parents about their child then explain to them what I need to do.
  8. What is expected for the 15 question video interview?
    It is no longer 15 question video interview (unless I haven’t gotten that far yet) I had 7 video interviews which were all based on if you were a flight attendant and what would you do in safety situation
    What would you do questions
    To as answer questions with honesty and with the information that I have studied on bout SkyWest is correct
    Honesty, loyalty, caring, kind, independent, dependable, dedicated, safety, excellent customer service skills, helpful, friendly, reliable, hard-worker, on time, quick learner, team player, team, team leader, patience, smart, intelligent.
  9. What attracts you to the flight attendant lifestyle?
    Meeting new people and traveling.
    the challenge and excitement of starting a new career.
  10. How important is safety to you?
    As per me, safety is first priority in life no matter what it is. So, yeah, we need to be aware always of our safety.
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